Frog and Nightgown, Old Kent Road, Mum’s The Word

The Frog and Nightgown in the Old Kent Road- circa 1994 / 1995.

Below is one of my old tapes from the Mum’s The Word crew – Hermit and MC Creed.

Below is Timmi Magic (of the Dreem Teem) at the Frog and Nightgown before his BBC Radio days.

Also, a massive shout out to Wheats, who has posted 4 mixes from the Frog on Mixcloud. You can listen to them directly on Mixcloud here:

Hermit – Mums The Word @ The Frog & Nightgown, Boxing Day 94

Norris Da Boss Windross @ Mums The Word, Frog & Nightgown, April 95

Dominic, Gerrad & Matt – Mums The Word @ The Frog & Nightgown, February 95

Jay Johnson – Mums The Word @ The Frog & Nightgown, June 95


8 thoughts on “Frog and Nightgown, Old Kent Road, Mum’s The Word”

  1. The Frog and nightgown was one of the best underground clubs IMO. Used ot go there after a Saturday night at the ministry and it had a solid underground vibe about it. most of the DJs also played at the Arches and Sunday Gass. The frog was always great until someone got shot outside I think and then it went downhill as a lot of people stayed away from it after that and it never really recovered. We used to go to Babushka in Grange road in Bermondsey after that. Babuska’s was pretty good and it had an outdoor terrace but it didn’t go for very long before it shut down as well.

    • That’s really interesting to know. I was just telling my son I was at a gig there (Nashville Teens!) on 7th June 1977 feeling the drums in my belly. He was born 5 hours later!

    • Hey Wheats
      Thanks man, that’s awesome – I thought the same as I haven’t come across any anywhere else so it was fantastic to see your comment. Hope it’s OK to link to all 4 of them on your Mixcloud so that others who stumble across this page can listen to them as well! 🙂

  2. Bloody brilliant nights out at The Frog and Nightgown. We loved it.
    The Gin Palace 1st then The Frog and Nightgown 🥰🥰 xx

  3. Hi just come across this brilliant web site by mistake i was trying to research an old pub we all used to go to around 1994/95 after a top Saturday night ( every friday & saturday night for 3 years ) at the Ministry of Sound so on a Sunday called the Frog & Nightgown on the Old Kent Road found out its since been demolished but clicked on beat sauntary & listened to some brilliant mixes with tunes i have,nt heard for over 25 years & mixes from every place i used to go i.e the gass club on a Sunday night also The Arches on the Southwark Bridge Rd that was on a Sunday lunchtime or early afternoon i know it was daylight all the time i even used to go to a place called Futures in Deptford on a Monday morning it was a Snooker club & people were chilling out laying on the Snooker tables i,m sure it was something to do with Dave Courtney as he was with us at every place i,ve mentioned all i can say i would,nt have missed any week end in those days it was brilliant..thank you the excellent mixes & downloads i,ll be listening in my car on Monday cant wait..Trev.

    • i literally just stumbled on this page and my story same as yours mate. Mad nights in the Ministry, coffee and cigarettes in the Dome Chelsea then the Frog for Sunday session. Mad Mad times! if you went often you’ll probably know all about bananas, strawberries and chocolates!!!

      all the best

    • I was there same time with Dave and others, like an after party keep on goers place, miss that vibe so much and Dave’s smile wit and livelyness x


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