Girls FM | 90’s London Pirate Radio Station

A tribute to Girls FM – These are the old tapes I’ve converted to mp3 – Below are a few mixes from the pirate radio station that took to the London airwaves in the mid 90’s. A few images can be seen in the Girls FM Gallery.

Girls FM – LoopTape
An old Girls FM loop tape recorded back in 1994. This was broadcast to fill the gaps between DJs, usually if there was no one to cover the ‘graveyard shift’. Apologies it’s so short but it’s got some cracking old tunes on it. The quality isn’t great as I lived in Kent and the reception wasn’t too good. According to Huck, it’s mixed by him.

Girls FM – Kenny Hawkes, Huckleberry Finn, DJ Bird and Kenny Charles
One of my favourites – This is one that I recorded in the station’s earlier days (around the summer of 1994). It features four of the original Girls DJs all together one night in the studio. It’s not that long as I taped over the other side (gutted!) but if you loved listening to Girls FM then this is a real gem.

Girls FM – Huckleberry (Huck) Finn
A brief snippet of Huck doing his show during the week with plenty of classic Huck/ Girls jingles:

Girls FM – DJ Bird
A brief snippet of Bird doing his show during the week.

Girls FM – Gem
A lil bit of the G, the E, the M

Girls FM – Jacqui Nanson
Part of one of Jacqui’s shows. Also a brief mention of Helen, who answered the phones for her as I recall.

Girls FM – Keith Fielder, Ty Holden and DJ Bird
A bit of keith Fielder then Ty and Bird together. Apologies it’s so disjointed but that’s how I did the taping on my C90 cassettes back then – but hey, at least it survived 🙂

Girls FM – DJ Debbie Mason
One of Debbie’s Sunday morning shows on Girls FM. Great to listen to when in one of those hazy “day after the night before” states after a frantic night out on it 🙂 I recorded this one in the Summer of 1994 – Thanks for the uplifting tunes Debbie and the Sunday entertainment – This one’s a cracker!

DISCLAIMER – These mixes have been put up in good faith and are intended for other former listeners to enjoy. If any of the DJs want theirs removed, let me know and I’ll take them off this site.

Girls FM, for 100% house and garage…

7 thoughts on “Girls FM | 90’s London Pirate Radio Station”

  1. The Kenny Hawkes, DJ bird, Huck Finn and Kenny Charles tape is the nuts and captures the essence of the early days of the station. I think Kenny Hawkes was the main man behind the scenes but i know the station was owned by some guy whos name you never heard them say on air for some reason. I used to know one of the djs and they took me up to the flat in souh london where the station broadcast from. I can’f remeber exactly where it was but it was somewhere just south of Elephant and castle. maybe camberwell or somewhere like that. It was an ordinary flat in the tower block that had a pair of decks up against the wall next to the window looking out on the urban sprawl of south london. great days and it was so exiting to visit the Girls FM studio.

  2. I not sure about a lot of the old girls fm dj’s but I still listen to Huck Finn who is still going strong. you can find him on mixcloud

  3. The DJ Debbie Mason tape at the bottom is my favourite. Debbie’s Sunday morning show on Girls FM was the perfect tonic when arriving home after a long weekend of clubbing.

    • yeah whatever happened to Debbie Mason. I did a search for her and cant find anything about what she does now or weather she is even a dj still. If anyone knows can you let me know.

  4. girls fm was defo the best pirate radio station in london wiv the most amount of listeners i think. i locked on all the time even during the week. rip kenny hawks


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