Risk FM 107.1 | London Pirate Radio Station

Here’s a snippet of an old cassette tape I found from the short lived Risk FM 107.1 

A London pirate radio station around 1996 / 1997 I think. The quality of the recording is terrible as I lived outside London and it was recorded in the old ‘analogue’ days.  It’s a bit disjointed as it’s double sided (and  the tape snapped as I was converting it to mp3)  but at least it’s saved for posterity ๐Ÿ™‚

Recorded in the early hours of a Sunday morning – Featuring DJ Andy Campbell and DJ Daniel James and DJ ‘Fat Daddy’ Zak. Selection of jingles and ads included.

And here’s one on SoundCloud from December 1996 courtesy of DJ David Morris:

And there’s also this on YouTube